All Link Bone & Joint Restoration 全连关节骨复康

180 + 20 capsules

All Link Bone & Joint Restoration is specially formulated with a blend of GAG & Collagen II, glucosamine, calcium and MSM to comprehensively support optimal bone and joint health. GAG & Collagen II is a natural protein that provides our body with structural support. It is part of the natural make-up of our tendons, ligaments, joints, muscles, etc. Not only can it prevent loss of bone mass by retaining calcium in bones, but it can also repair and promote the growth of cartilages.

All Link Bone & Joint Restoration contains calcium and glucosamine in addition to GAG & Collagen II. This unique formulation works to facilitate absorption by bones and joints, making it unnecessary to take three separate supplements. The calcium in these capsules comes from the soluble calcium ascorbate, making it more easily assimilated into the bone. In addition, All Link Bone & Joint Restoration also contains Vitamin C from plant sources for better absorption into the body naturally. Therefore, it does not cause constipation.

Together, these 4 ingredients work synergistically to ensure maximum benefits for an optimal bone and joint health. This product is especially beneficial for those with joint pains.

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