All Link Wu Ling Shen Sweet Dreams 全连乌灵参好睡眠


60 capsules

All Link Wu Ling Shen Sweet Dreams is a natural herbal sleep supplement that is made from a high value medicinal fungus – fermented Wu Ling Shen extract and a herb – lemon Balm. Wu Ling Shen helps address sleep issues and from a TCM perspective, promotes natural healthy sleep by regulating the yin-yang balance of the body. Modern research has shown that Wu Ling Shen’s unique combination of sleep nutrients can help to relax the brain and promote calmness.Combined with Lemon Balm it provides additional benefits to mental health. Lemon Balm has a natural calming and soothing effect and helps reduce feeling of fatigue and stress.

All Link Wu Ling Shen Sweet Dreams is a synergistic formula that is used to induce restful sleep, supports better quality of sleep, alleviates the emotion and reduces stress. It is safe and will not cause dependency or drowsiness after consumption.

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